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“Success in this game depends less on strength of body than strength of mind and character.” -Arnold Palmer

Golf has always been an important game to my family. I grew up on a golf course with a father and brother who were very talented golfers. I married a golfer and we are moving in a month to a golf course community. Like a great book, the game of golf teaches its players many life lessons that can be applied to all areas of their lives including character building, perseverance, attitude, teamwork, and more. These lessons are ones that we are going to instill in our children whether they love golf or not. Coleman has recently shown a interest in golf, wanting to go hit balls with his dad and practice putting in our living room.

Another way of reaching reluctant readers and raising a child who loves to read is to choose books THEY are interested in. Right now with Coleman’s interest in golf, we’ve used that as a way to incorporate one of his interests in reading. Whatever it is your child is interested in, introducing them to books, both fiction or nonfiction about that topic will go along way with developing their life long reading habits.

Here are our favorite books about golf! This post contains Amazon affiliate links and I may earn from qualifying purchases.

P IS FOR PUTT: A GOLF ALPHABET –  This alphabet book teaches children about the game of golf through beautiful illustrations and rhyming text that is fun and easy to read with a golf fan of any age!

THE LITTLE ACES: A GOLF STORY – This adorable tale is about two brothers and their search for a missing golf ball! Read it to see if the brothers can work together to solve the mystery.

BADGES, EGG SALAD, AND GREEN JACKETS: THE MASTERS A TO Z – I just found this one and bought it for Coleman’s Easter Basket because Easter falls on “Masters Sunday” this year. Easter and the Masters are a big deal in our house. This is another alphabet book that focuses on the traditions and history of Augusta. We can’t wait to read this as we watch Masters highlights this year.

FRANCIS AND EDDIE: THE TRUE STORY OF AMERICA’S UNDERDOGS – In the 1913 US Open, an amateur golfer, Francis Ouimet and his caddy, Eddie Lowery, pulled off the greatest underdog victory in the game of golf. This story teaches children that sometimes the impossible is possible.

TWICE AS GOOD – This book tells the true story of William Powell, a young African American boy who was enthralled by the game of golf. Growing up in the 20s, he wasn’t exactly welcomed on the course. Willy’s love for the game, as well as his strong character and belief in knowing what is right, allowed him to go on to design, build and own his very own course.

FROGGY’S DAY WITH DAD – We love all of Froggy’s adventures! This adorable tale is about Froggy playing mini-golf with his dad!

JORDAN SPIETH: GOLF STAR – This biography is a great one to introduce to young golf fans to a great golfer and nonfiction texts!

GREAT GIRL GOLFERS – This book gives readers information about all the great female golfers in the game of golf! Great for young girls with an interest in golf!

COUNT ON GOLF – This adorable book introduces children to the game of golf and helps teach them how to count.

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