Clothes Pin Letter Match

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This is a fun, simple and effective way to practice spelling words, names, and letters. It is also great fine motor practice!

What You’ll Need

*The Dollar Tree is a great place to grab index cards and clothes pins.

Activity Set Up

  • Write a letter on each clothes pin (opposite of the clip side)
  • Write the letters, names, or words your child is practicing
  • Add a dot under each letter to place the clothes pin on


To Play

  • Talk about the word or letter they are working out.
  • Count the letters.
  • Talk about the letter sounds.
  • Match the letters on the clothes pins to letters on the index card

Idea for Matching

  • Names
  • Capital and Lowercase Letters
  • High Frequency Words
  • Spelling Words
  • picture or stick and match the initial letter sound



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