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Do you find yourself running out of ways to keep your children entertained while eating at a restaurant, waiting at a doctors office or even traveling? Then it’s time to implement a Literacy Busy Bag to keep you kiddo busy and building a strong literacy foundation!

What is A Literacy Busy Bag?

A Literacy Busy Bag is an on-the-go bag filled with a few activities to keep your child busy and learning while waiting for something. I recommend having 3-4 small activities in the bag with at least one book. This way, no matter how long the wait, you’re able to keep your child happy and busy!

Benefits of a Literacy Busy Bag

  • It will keep your child entertained so going out to eat with little kids is more enjoyable!
  • Build literacy skills that are developmentally appropriate for your specific child
  • Fosters independence and creativity while on the go!

child reading at dinner

My Favorite Bags

storage bag

I love using these bags because they can hold a few things, they fit in my diaper bag backpack and you can make multiple on the go bags to switch out depending on your kids interests!

Ideas For the Literacy Busy Bag

busy bag ideas

1. Wipe Clean Books

2. Pull Back Busy Car Book

3. Lift the Flap ABC Book

4. Popsicle Sticks with Velcro 

5. Water Paint ABC Cards

6. Dot Stickers

7. Playdough – the party size packs are perfect for on the go!

8. Blank Drawing Books

9. Twistable Crayons – so they don’t break!

10. TOOB Animals – choose the ones your child would love!

11. Peek Inside How A Plane Works Book – these are small and interactive

12. Magnetic Letters

13. Alphabet Sticker Book

Other Literacy Busy Bag Ideas:

Check out this video to see what’s currently in our busy bag.


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